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Unlock your Cashflow


Numble is pleased to announce a cash flow gamechanger – Marmalade.

At Numble we are constantly looking for better ways to support and enable our clients’ growth, and Marmalade does just that.

What is Marmalade:

Marmalade is a world-first invoice payments platform that empowers businesses to take complete control of their cash-flow. Trusted by 100+ companies, Marmalade enables its customers to cost-effectively access their money as soon as they invoice with speed, simplicity and total transparency; to deliver operational improvements and accelerated growth.

Why Marmalade:

Waiting on unpaid invoices can really pump the brakes on a business. Marmalade is a cash-flow and payment tool, which integrates with Xero and is designed to help your business grow. It enables you to get paid on demand by cashing in eligible unpaid invoices any time locked at a rate of 2% – 5%. So, if you’re stuck waiting for customers to pay, you can unlock your cash-flow and keep your business moving.

The real standout compared to other forms of business finance is that Marmalade is low cost with no risk. It’s a simple and affordable way to boost your cash-flow with only a small one-off fee and zero interest. When you cash-in an invoice, Marmalade takes on all the late, or non-payment, risk. Unlike a loan, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the cash flow into your business.

How does it Work?
  1. Sign-up for a Marmalade account.
  2. Connect Marmalade to your Xero account
  3. Add your Marmalade account details to your invoices
  4. See which unpaid invoices are eligible to be cashed in.
  5. Click on the invoices you want to cash in and submit the invoice for payment.
  6. Get paid within 24 hours – simple as that!

To get started with Marmalade, or find out more about unlocking your cash, click here. If you’d prefer a personalised demonstration click here to book a one-on-one with Marmalade’s BDM, Ben Nicholls.

While Marmalade is a fantastic way to improve cashflow, you should always seek expert advice and support to ensure you make the right choice for your company’s financial future. If you need help with cashflow reporting please ask your qualified bookkeeper or accountant to help.